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A 68 year old adventurer at heart, I love exploring places, cultures, thoughts, feelings, beliefs...whatever!


I should have known, when my first job out of college back in the middle ages required constant travel, that travel would form the theme of my life. I took many years out to have and raise children and support myself, but the minute I could (at 63) I DID...I RETIRED!!! A couple years in the Peace Corps, a summer working in Alaska, an upcoming month in China...NOW I'm living!!! With happiness came improvement in my important relationships...though it's easier to travel! I have four and a half amazing grandchildren in AZ and TX who make having raised three children alone worthwhile. I have a small place in Denver, share a car, live simply and travel when and where I can (including to see the kids, And, speaking of travels, I do not fear the ultimate trip, instead facing it with enormous curiousity.


I know this sounds like a singles ad, but I like good books, good conversation, good theater, good movies, good food, good company. Stuff has very little appeal to me, unless it's really, really beautiful...then, I want it! I've been lucky to live in South Africa for two years and Denali, AK for a summer and am constantly vigilent for new adventures.