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April 07, 2008


Julie Mattingly

I can't halp but think about your nick name in high school...more about the way it was pronounced..with the accent on sara..lee

You are now a certified Sara Lee after your attendance at the festival. You are one with the people.

Your comment on one of the grannies just coming out of here post traumatic funk really means a lot to me. I fully understand and have been having tests and gathering information on tramatic brain damage. I discovered my "sexual" dysfunction diagnosis on the internet and ran to my doctor with the information. Only problem is there is no cure...next I am being tested by a neuro-psyc to determine the extent of the cognitive damage. And then this morning I had a mini seizure. Now what is that all about. I really want to retire and just hang aaround all my favorite people. Ha ha Retirement is at least 24 months away. Working on a window for Ella. If she is lucky she will see it in 6 months or so. Enuf rambling on. Love you and my heart and head fill with pride when I read all the wonderful things you do and all the beautiful pictures you send. Love you Julie


The VaTsonga from Gauteng province certainly are creative with their yellow paint (outloud laugh upon reading your comment). Gloria

mary maddox

Loved the photos. Your writing and photos make me feel like I'm there with you. I wish blogs had existed when Heather & Sean were in Malawi. Instant feedback.
We returned to Halifax late Thursday to snow & rain!
We move from our lovely home by May 31, hopefully we can get out of here in a couple weeks so I'll have time to clean, etc. Clearing out this big house is a real chore!
Enjoyed my visits with your kids while in AZ and have them condo sitting for us this year! Miss you, Love you, Mary

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